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dolmen.view 0.6

Grok-like configuration for View components

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Dolmen.view provides components and directives permitting to easily define different rendering for an object (a view).


0.6 (2012-05-08)

  • Using now the latest changes in cromlech.browser. A View component is not an IView, IRenderable and IResponseFactory. Changes are backward compatible and should not impact existing code.

0.5 (2012-04-26)

  • View has been splitted in 2 other non-grokked sub-components. ViewCanvas defines the base behavior of a dolmen.view IView. ModelView inherits from ViewCanvas and extends it to include the notion of context and request bound to the view.

0.4 (2012-01-17)

  • Echoed the latest changes from cromlech.browser regarding the ILayout component. A ILayout is now a simple IRenderer and as such, it does NOT handle any kind of response and is not callable.

  • Changed the __call__ method from the View component to introduce a new step, called make_response. This allows us to have more flexibility while trying to alter the response object to be returned.

    Additionnaly, this allows us to have a single method for querying a layout component, for both View from this package and Form from the dolmen.forms stack.

    This change has a serious impact on the package API. The util function layout_renderer, used as a factory, has been replaced by another function called make_layout_response, that queries the layoutName attribute of the view class, to resolve the layout name or uses an empty name instead (if no attr was found this way).

0.3a3 (2012-01-10)

  • Fixed import errors and dependencies
  • Query functions now uses queryMultiAdapter instead of getMultiAdapter. You no longer need to catch errors while querying. None is now returned if the queried component is missing. Tests have been modified accordingly.

0.3a2 (2012-01-06)

  • Improved the utility methods used to query the view, layout and template. Removed the useless fat.

0.3a1 (2012-01-05)

  • Changed the inner flow of the View component. update is no longer responsible for the instanciation of the response. Everything linked to the response handling has been moved in __call__.
  • Added a handling of the HTTPRedirection exceptions from cromlech.browser.
  • Added utility methods to query a view layout and a view template.

0.2a1 (2011-11-24)

  • Added i18n capabilities using the new package cromlech.i18n.

0.1a2 (2011-05-19)

  • Corrected the security grokking that used to protect views on IRenderer and not IView.

0.1a1 (2011-05-10)

  • Fork from grokcore.view
  • new API
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