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dolmen.template 0.3.3

Template support for dolmen.views

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This package provides a template component, using Chameleon as a template 'meta-engine'. It also provides a simple way to register your TALES (TAL Expression) if you use the TAL engine.


0.3.3 (2014-05-27)

  • Added a conditional use of zope.i18n.translate as default translate method in the TALTemplate class.

0.3.2 (2014-03-14)

  • Exposing the ITemplate interface from cromlech.browser

0.3 (2013-07-02)

  • The translate method is no longer imported from zope.i18n but must be passed in order to get translations resolution.
  • Cromlech dependency is now optionnal

0.2 (2012-05-06)

  • The render method of the Template is now conform to the new prototype declared in cromlech.browser. The Template no long relies on a namespace method on the component rendered, but it takes keyword arguments in render with the values to push in the namespace.
  • The namespace variable 'view' has been renamed 'component'.

0.1 (2012-01-18)

  • Changed the name of the view argument to component, like in the protype from cromlech.browser. This avoid problems when providing keywords argument for views.
  • Updated to the latest Chameleon release (2.7+).

0.1a1 (2011-05-09)

  • Initial release.
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