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dolmen.forms.base 2.6

Dolmen forms framework

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Form generation framework for Cromlech. dolmen.forms is a fork from zeam.form.


2.6 (2015-12-01)

  • Added german translations for datetimeparseerrors
  • Corrected the use of defaultFactory

2.5 (2014-04-11)

  • formErrors now returns a default error if there are errors on the form, but none defined with the form prefix.
  • Back-ported htmlAttributes and alternateLayout from zeam.form
  • validate now takes the form as an argument

2.4.4 (2012-11-28)

  • CloneFormData is now error-aware, meaning it will unpile the errors of the cloned form, ensuring it gets the right contextual errors.
  • The form error handling has been improved to handle the Errors collection.

2.4.3 (2012-11-15)

  • Reverted widget extract fix.

2.4.2 (2012-11-15)

2.4.1 (2012-06-25)

  • Fixed translations for French language.

2.4 (2012-05-09)

  • dolmen.forms.base now uses cromlech.browser >= 0.5 definitions. Changes have been made to use all the packages of that same batch, including dolmen.location.
  • Dependency on has been removed.

2.3 (2012-04-17)

  • IFormData now implements cromlech.browser.IForm

2.2 (2012-01-30)

  • Added a new marker functionality : the SuccessMarker. A success marker is the marker returned by an action in case of failure or success. This marker holds information regarding a possible redirection. The proper redirection handling has been added to updateForm to ensure that the correct exception is raised.

    Please note that this change is backward compatible and doesn't imply any change in existing code. Furthermore, the http redirection exception can be raised directly in the action code, but this marker mechanism helps to identify what kind of result has been issued and, if updateForm is overriden, this info can be used to trigger handlers, logging...

2.1 (2012-01-20)

  • test on postOnly
  • added formMethod so you can use Get insead of post
  • widgets now have a visible property to know if we shall display label

2.0 (2012-01-17)

  • The __call__ method is now aware of the new make_response method inherited from the View component. This makes it much easier to have a layout and to override the response behavior. However, as a result, the layout_form_renderer util function is gone. Read the changelog from dolmen.view for more information.
  • the module forms has been renamed components to unify the naming through all the dolmen namespace. The API is exposed normally, and packages using the previously exposed API should be see any difference. If you imported directly from forms, please change your code accordingly.

2.0b2 (2012-01-06)

  • StandaloneForm and Form do now have a proper __call__ method, returning an IResponse object.
  • Added a redirection exception handling in the __call__ method of the IHTTPRenderer forms.
  • Updated tests to use the latest changes (split) in the and cromlech.browser package.
  • Added an utility function to query the layout of a form.

2.0b1 (2011-11-24)

  • Added i18n last fixes based on cromlech.i18n.

2.0a4 (2011-09-19)

  • Validators are now form-aware.

2.0a3 (2011-08-17)

  • NO_VALUE only if data not present, empty data does not mean no value

2.0a2 (2011-06-13)

  • Added the IGNORE behavior to the Fields collection.

2.0a1 (2011-05-10)

  • we are now working with cromlech stack
  • forked and migrated zeam.form

1.0b3 (2010-10-27)

  • Util method set_fields_data now makes sure that, even if a data entry doesn't have a corresponding field, it doesn't raise an error, as it was supposed to do.

1.0b2 (2010-10-20)

  • Both zeam.form and zope.schema Fields are useable in a Form, now. The changes have been made in the inline validation, to take care of both types.
  • Now we are using formErrors from zeam.form.base Form instead of our own formError method.
  • The InvariantsValidation is now declared thanks to the dataValidators mechanism introduces by zeam.form.base 1.0.
  • The package is now tested under Grok 1.2.

1.0b1 (2010-06-25)

  • The package now uses the latest version of zeam.form.base, that separates the extractData from the validateData. It allows to validate invariants in a cleaner way, without overriding generic code.
  • The DeprecationWarning in invariants validation is gone. It now uses the representation of the exception and no longer the message attribute.
  • The package now exposes the base zeam.form markers.

1.0a2 (2010-06-25)

  • ApplicationForm now validates interfaces invariants.
  • ApplicationForm is now localized, since it provides a contextual i18nLanguage attribute.
  • Added tests

1.0a1 (2010-06-02)

  • Added a base Form model : ApplicationForm
  • dolmen.forms.base no longer uses z3c.form but is now based on the zeam.form Form framework
  • Added several helpers functions, to extract changes Attributes and notify events
  • Added tests

0.1 (2009-10-25)

  • Initial release
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