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dolmen.blob 2.0a4

Dolmen zodb blob handlers

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dolmen.blob is a layer above dolmen.file, using the ZODB blobs as a storage facility.


2.0a4 (2011-08-16)

  • Moved tests to the folder "tests" to avoid martian scanning.

2.0a3 (2011-08-11)

  • Corrected bug in the property and made sure that __nonzero__ was NOT used to check if the value exists.

2.0a2 (2011-08-11)

  • Added support + test for cgi.FieldStorage fields.

2.0a1 (2011-07-26)

  • dolmen.blob is now meant to be used in the Cromlech framework. To do that, the package now uses cromlech.file. The Zope packages depending on zope.publishing have been removed. We no longer work with zope.file.

0.5.0 (2010-02-28)

  • Cleaned base code. We are now fully pep8 compliant.
  • dolmen.blob now has its own zope.filerepresentation adapters, in order to use the natural getters and setters. We no longer need to include zope.file in the configure.zcml, as dolmen.blob now provides all the needed components to be independant.
  • Echoed dolmen.file changes and dropped support.
  • Dependency cleaned. Had to retain and since we need the ZODB support for the tests. All other dependencies have been severed.

0.4.1 (2009-11-18)

  • Now using Grok 1.1a1 versions.
  • zope.copy is no longer pinned down to version 3.5 but to 3.5 and greater.

0.4 (2009-11-09)

  • Added ICopyHook for ZODB.interfaces.IBlob objects. Now the data is copied using zope.copy.

0.3 (2009-11-08)

  • Added Blob to Blob copy, using a new storage. Added tests for this new storage.

0.2.1 (2009-10-23)

  • Corrected a bug of a variable used when not defined, if a mimeType was given using the contentType argument at the BlobValue creation. Added a test to fix this behavior.

0.2 (2009-10-23)

  • Added a bunch of new tests for the compatibility with the new packages used.
  • A new access view is available for IBlobFile objects, returning a This access view also uses an adapter to zope.mimetype.interfaces.IContentInfo to get the header values.
  • IBlobFile now inherits from zope.file.interfaces.IFile. This brings in a lot of new features, including the compatibility with the zope.mimetype package and its adapters.
  • dolmen.blob now proposes a non Persistent blob, called BlobValue. It allows to have object storing an attribute value in a blob, without getting an independant connection to the database (Blob already do that). The BlobProperty uses this new component now.

0.1 (2009-10-19)

  • Initial release
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