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Dolmen application security declarations

Downloads ↓ is a package providing a collection of basic roles and permissions for a Dolmen application.

>>> import
>>> from import IDolmenSecurity
>>> from import IDolmenRoles
>>> from import IContentPermissions
>>> IDolmenSecurity.extends(IDolmenRoles)
>>> IDolmenSecurity.extends(IContentPermissions)
>>> IDolmenSecurity.providedBy(

Content centric permissions

>>> import
>>> IContentPermissions.providedBy(
>>> for name, attr in IContentPermissions.namesAndDescriptions():
...   print "%s: %s" % (name, attr.getDoc())
CanEditContent: Edit content.
CanAddContent: Add content.
CanListContent: List the container content.
CanDeleteContent: Delete content.
CanReviewContent: Review and annotate content.
CanCopyContent: Copy content to the clipboard.
CanPasteContent: Paste content from the clipboard.
CanViewContent: View content.

Dolmen application roles

>>> import
>>> IDolmenRoles.providedBy(
>>> for name, attr in IDolmenRoles.namesAndDescriptions():
...   print "%s: %s" % (name, attr.getDoc())
Member: A basic member.
Contributor: A content contributor.
Owner: The owner of an object.
Reviewer: A content reviewer.


0.1 (2009-10-27)

  • Initial release
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