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Layout and page models for Dolmen applications

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`` provides ready-to-use components to get a fully
functional and extensively pluggable User Interface for a Dolmen


2.0 (2012-01-18)

* Updated to use the latest changed in the ``dolmen.view`` package and the
 ``dolmen.forms`` stack.

2.0a3 (2012-01-11)

* Changed the content of the `configure.zcml`, to have a ready-to-use
  grokking configuration. `components.zcml` only contains the grokking
  directive, now.

2.0a2 (2012-01-11)

* Splitted the default components grokking and the common ZCML inclusion.
  We no longer need to grok the package's components by default.

* Cleaned up the imports and dependencies

2.0a1 (2012-01-11)

* ``Cromlech`` migration has been done, using the newest``Dolmen`` packages.
  This is a major change, since the framework is no longer the same.
  This does _not_ work with the previous ``Dolmen`` framework based on

1.0b2 (2011-02-01)

* Updated versions dependencies to remove the use of
  ``megrok.resource`` in favor of ``fanstatic``.

1.0b1 (2010-11-16)

* The ContextualMenu viewlet now computes the URL using the 'url'
  attribute of the entries, as it should be.

1.0a2 (2010-11-05)

* Dependencies have been slimmed down : ```` now longer
  provides coverage for the ``megrok.z3ctable`` and ``zeam.form.composed``
  packages. We now rely on the grokcore packages and no longer on the
  ``grok`` package itself.

* Tests no longer use ``zope.testing``.

1.0a1 (2010-06-03)

* The flash messages are now retrieved thanks to `grokcore.message`.

* Tests have been corrected and simplified.

* Using now `zeam.form` instead of `z3c.form`.

* Using now `` instead of ``.

* `` now required python2.6 to work. This is due to
  the use of class decorators.

0.5.1 (2010-02-26)

* Corrected the success message getter for the `Delete` form. It used
  to fetch the property object and try to persist it. Now, it gets its
  value as it should.

0.5.0 (2010-02-25)

* Using now the latest ``megrok.layout``. This removes the need for the
  `ApplicationAwareView` mixin. This version of ```` will
  only work with `Grok >= 1.1rc1`.

0.4.0 (2010-02-17)

* INotFound errors are not located in the `index.html` view. This
  allows to use a layout transparently. The __parent__ is set to the
  `ob` attribute of the INotFound object.

* The contextual menu is no longer restricted to `IBaseContent`
  objects. It is now registered for `Interface`.

* The dependencies have been greatly reduced by the removal of all the
  `` packages.

0.3.1 (2010-01-21)

* Bug fix: the success message of a Delete form is a property and
  can't be called directly through the class. We need to use fget.

0.3 (2009-12-26)

* The layout now provides and uses a way to include resources, using
  megrok.resourceviewlet. Two components have been added for that:
  `ResourcesManager` and `Resource`, respectively a viewletmanager and
  a viewlet base class.

* The imports has been modified to avoid using any package.

0.2.2 (2009-11-03)

* Now the configure.zcml includes the `megrok.z3ctable` meta.zcml.

* Updated dependencies in

0.2.1 (2009-11-02)

* Corrected flash messages and redirection in the delete form.

0.2 (2009-11-02)

* Added Delete form to complete the CRUD actions.

0.1 (2009-11-02)

* Initial release
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